Open Opportunities

image of open opportunities logoWhen was the last time you tried something new?

Perhaps you would like to gain self-confidence working within a friendly team?

Or perhaps you are looking for employment and would like new skills to add to  your CV?

At the Olive ROC Cafe in Edgeley we have just the thing. We will train you to operate a professional coffee machine which is found in most cafes. Learn how to make everything from an Espresso to a Latte in just one day.

Funded by Equity Foundation, our Open Opportuntieis barista session runs on a Tuesday morning by arrangement.

8am - 9am     

You will learn the basics of being a  barista and all about the coffee machine

9am - 10am   

Have a short break and help set up the cafe for business if you can

10am - 12 (or an agreed time) 

Make coffees for customers - for real! You can stay as long as you like but we recommend you stay for at least an hour to practice  your new skills. You may come back to the cafe as often as you like to continue to develop your coffee making skills - just agree the times with the cafe manager.

Please note that you do NOT have to become a volunteer at the cafe to take part in Open Opportunities, although we are always happy to discuss!

You will receive a certificate upon completion of  your first session.

For more details contact Pam on 07909 903864