Our Aims, Objectives and Principles

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We are a self-funded, not-for-profit enterprise, serving the community of Edgeley. We aim to provide good quality, locally produced food and Edgeley roasted coffee in a warm and friendly enviroment. We are supported by representatives from the local churches in Edgeley and other groups, offering help, sign-posting and support on a number of issues. 

Our aims and objectives are:

  • to show God's love to the local community
  • to promote projects which meet proven social needs
  • add value to existing good work provided by the churches and community
  • facilitate the delivery of community projects
  • support local groups and agencies who support our aims

Olive ROC Centre principles:

  • we will run the Cafe as a not-for-profit enterprise which is open to all people
  • we are not partnered by one denomination or church
  • the Cafe is a welcoming and inclusive space to people of faith, of no faith or of other faiths
  • the Cafe is open to working with friends who want to support our ethos of "being there" in the community
  • we are a Christian Community Cafe but not overtly evangelical
  • the Cafe is a symbolic space that provides help or sign-posting for those who may be in need
  • the Cafe is there for all people and the community, serving Edgeley with locally produced food in a warm and welcoming environment
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